Born and raised in Southern California, Robert Allen Anders studied fine art, ceramics and design throughout the 1970's at Mira Costa and Palomar Colleges in and around San Diego,  California. 
Robert owned and operated the Atelier Colorado, Denver, Colorado, from 1978-1992. He has collaborated with numerous renowned artists and participated in personal exhibitions of fine art with major galleries accross the U.S..
Robert is a lifelong studio potter with a pronounced interest in craftsmanship and functional design. Over the last decade, he has developed an innovative approach to bronze casting, wherein sculpture's wax is thrown (shaped) directly on the potter's wheel. The final wax is 'direct-cast' into solid bronze, eliminating the need for molds or intermediaries, via a 'one-time use' ceramic shell and lost wax, investment-casting method. This uncommon approach results in exceptional, one-of-a-kind, carved and pierced, castings of functional, heirloom quality, bronze art.
"What could be more meaningful to the artisan-craftsman than to produce truely outstanding works which will outlast and outlive us? Works that stand a good chance of lasting for centuries! This 'long-lived' dynamic alters the execution and liberates an object of art ... away from merely transitional 'taste & trend' toward lasting, enduring and timeless beauty."    (RAA)
Robert's work is held in private collections internationally.